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iSpire™ – Predictive SEO Engine

At SpireCast, we’re taking the guess work out of SEO. Our one-of-a-kind enterprise SEO and content marketing platform, iSpire™, is breaking new ground in the search engine world. Utilizing big data in combination with our proprietary predictive analytics algorithms, we’re leading the charge with our next generation SEO technology.

Each customer landscape in organic search is dynamic and ever-changing.  Each and every organic search result is characterized by unique “landscapes” — for every category, every topic and every keyword there is a unique landscape that requires a finely tuned but unique optimization effort.

iSpire™, SpireCast’s proprietary predictive analytics engine, features powerful big data algorithms that analyze thousands of websites, backlinks, social metrics and search results data, measuring over 85 off-page ranking factors, that accurately predicts the most influential ranking variables for any given keyword.

Any search strategist can tell you that “you need more links” or “you need more social sharing” … but that’s simply not good enough in the new search paradigm.

We go further than that. Actually, we go A LOT further than that.

What off-page ranking variables will have the most significant impact on your specific landscape?  Is it Google+ authorship, Tweets or Facebook Likes?  .Gov or .edu links?  Link growth over the past 3, 6 or 12 months?  If I need more trusted links, which specific links and how many of them will you need?

Our iSpire™ engine will tell you exactly what links, content and social sharing that you’ll need to rank at the top.

No guessing, no kidding. Snap.

Contact us today for a free consult.  You can reach us at 800-766-3498.