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Guide to Optimizing Your Landing Page Copy

The mission of your landing page is to entice the site visitor to stay, look around, and do what you want them to do (ie: complete a form, provide information, make a purchase). Your landing page must be compelling enough to accomplish that goal you have set.

Here are just a few practical tips on optimizing your landing page copy and improving your conversion rates:

  1. Write For the Customer:  You should have already established your target market so it is important you know how to speak their language. Copy that often goes over the heads of the readers will likely be a major turn-off for the reader. Speak the language of your customer and your intended audience will benefit, understand, and be willing to take direction.
  2. Guide to Optimizing Landing Page CopyWrite For The Web:  For some online users, reading too much copy online is annoying. When creating content, keep it easy to read and to the point. People don’t care about your tangents or missives and certainly won’t tolerate excessive copy.  People want to quickly find the important details, get to the proposed solution, and clearly understand the next step to take.
  3. Attention-Grabbing Headline:  Like a newspaper, the most interesting, shocking, curious, and attention-stealing headlines are placed front and center on the front page. Your landing page headlines should have the same goal in mind, to get people interested in reading more. You have only seconds to grab people’s attention before you risk losing them to that dreaded back button. Writing simple but powerful headlines is an essential precursor for effective landing page copy.
  4. Tie-In to The Copy:  Besides the headlines, the first few sentences of your lead paragraph must also be captivating and persuasive enough for people to keep reading. This first paragraph copy will help to paint a picture in the mind’s of your customers of  your overall message. It is this image that can help you start rolling the conversion ball down the hill. Keep the copy compelling and concise. No one will be interested in reading on if the first few sentences are seemingly endless or poorly written.
  5. Write In the Active Voice:  An active voice is one that centers on the doer. With your landing page, you want to emphasize words that persuade and motivate the reader into action by speaking in an active voice. Speak to the reader actively about what matters to them.
  6. Stick To Visual Words:  When writing effective copy, use simple but colorful words that promote a positive image of what you are trying to express. Avoid words that promote negativity or distraction from your intention.
  7. Eliminate the We’s – Focus on the You’s:  When reading your writing (huh?), do you find that you use the word “we” too much? Is your name or the name of your business mentioned too often? Your landing page should focus on the customer and should not be all about you or the “we” of your company. Resist writing copy that is too self-centered and more focused on the customer.
  8. Answer Questions Before They Are Asked:  Your readers should come away with the majority of their obvious questions answered before they have to ask them. Your message should be clear and concise so as not to leave readers wondering about your objectives.
  9. Prove Yourself Worthy:  If you are making any specific claims about solutions you offer or the product you are selling, be sure to include enough back up the proof to back up your claims. Simply telling people how great, how incredible, how miraculous your product/service is simply not good enough. Readers want to have tangible proof that you can do what you say you can do.

Additional Resources for Optimizing Landing Page Copy:

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